Graduate Student FAQs

How do I enroll

If you’re a current NDO student, the course enrollment process is the same as it’s always been. To enroll in a course, first check your mystanfordconnection to confirm that your application, academic transcripts, and visa/residency documents have all been submitted. Then, during an open enrollment period, visit to enroll in your courses, and complete the payment process. While an application is only required the first time that you enroll in an academic department, your academic background will be reviewed for each subsequent course in which you enroll to ensure that you have the skills necessary to be successful. You will be contacted via email regarding the application review results.

In order to receive department approval, you will need to enroll in a course via Stanford Online during an open enrollment period.

Courses will fill up quickly! We encourage you to act as soon as you can.

Will I be able to come to campus?

Typically not. Non-degree students may only come to campus with the explicit permission of a course instructor. When coming to campus, you must follow all Stanford policies for visitors:

  • Do not come to campus if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of being on campus, you are required to report it through the General COVID-19 Case Reporting Form..
  • If you plan to come to campus at least once a week for 3 weeks or more, you are required to be fully vaccinated, and you must follow the temporary community member policies.

Can I Use the Mobile App For Building Access?

Stanford Mobile is the official mobile app of Stanford University.
Stanford community members with an active SUNet account can log in and access the Stanford Health Check and Mobile ID features. Health Check provides current students with quick and convenient access to the self-reporting health status. Please note that Stanford Mobile does not provide Non-Degree Option (NDO) students with access to buildings, rooms or laboratories on Stanford campus.

Community members without an active SUNet account can use the app to receive safety information and access popular resources related to parking, dining, news and events. Please visit The Farm at Your Fingertips for more information.

Will my course have office hours?

Stanford Online graduate courses will have online/virtual office hours for remote students. The times and schedules for each course will be announced by the teaching team at the beginning of the quarter. 

Please check these times at the beginning of the quarter to see if they work for your schedule.

What if I can't make any of the office hour times?

If for work, time zone, or other compelling reasons you cannot regularly make any of the available office hours, please first reach out to the teaching team. They may be able to adjust the time of one office hour to better accommodate you and other students. In most cases, faculty and teaching teams are also available for office hours by appointment. Finally, if none of these work, please reach out to us at

Due to conflicting schedules, the teaching team may be unable to accommodate all requests.

What credentials will I receive?

You will receive a Stanford University transcript and academic credit for every graduate course you complete. If you have completed a Graduate Certificate, you will receive a certificate in addition to a Stanford transcript and academic credit.

We are accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC-ACSCU). For more information, please see the following website.

How much time should I expect to spend on each course?

Stanford’s graduate level courses are demanding and most students report spending 15-25 hours a week. The estimated time to complete does vary and is listed on every course page.

Are all Stanford Graduate Courses Offered through the SCPD?

Not all graduate courses listed on Explore Courses or Stanford Bulletin, for instance, will necessarily be available for enrollment. To find if a graduate course is offered, please visit the Stanford Online course catalog. Our schedule of course offerings is subject to change, however, and a particular course may be offered in the future.


Stanford Identification (ID) Number

As a new NDO student, you will be assigned a Stanford University ID (SUID) number after your enrollment and application have been accepted. The SUID will appear on your mystanfordconnection account home page, underneath your name.

Please note this is not the same as the Stanford Center for Professional Development student number (e.g. X123456).

You should indicate your SUID number on all correspondence with the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Your SUID number will remain the same throughout your Stanford experience.

Student ID Cards

NDO students are not eligible to obtain a Stanford student ID card.

Library Access

Through your SUNet ID, you have access to most library e-resources.

Non-degree students can enter Stanford libraries at no cost for 7 days a year without borrowing privileges by registering as a visitor.

You may also purchase a fee-based library card for access and borrowing privileges.

Please see the library website  for more information.

Library Cards

Any individual or company can purchase a Stanford library card, with access privileges only, or with both access and borrowing privileges. Please see the following link for more information on fee-based library memberships.

Hours: check here for each library’s hours
Phone: (650) 723-1492