Master’s Application FAQs

What is the Honors Cooperative Program (HCP)?

The Honors Cooperative Program allows you the flexibility to work towards a master’s degree (MS), in a part time capacity, in-person or online, while continuing your professional employment. Not all MS degrees that can be undertaken through the Honors Cooperative program can be completed online. See here for a list of programs available through HCP

How do I submit an application for the HCP?                              

You can apply for your master’s degree program through the normal graduate admissions process. Begin the process here.

Part-time master’s students are admitted based on the same standards as full-time Stanford students and have full student privileges, rights and responsibilities.

To view application requirements and deadlines for each program, select your master’s program and click on the "admissions" link.

Employment Status

If you are employed, please ensure that you update your employer information and employment status in your mystanfordconnection account at the beginning of each academic year (or at the time your employer information changes).

International Student Visa Status

If you are not a US citizen you must have a current US legal status document with an expiration date that covers the duration of enrollment to participate in HCP. Required documentation includes: permanent resident card, notice of action, US visa stamp or an official US document specifying your status. 

You are required to submit a copy of your updated US legal residency documentation to the Graduate Admissions Office.

If you have any questions related to visa status, please contact the Bechtel International Center at Stanford. 

How many credits can be transferred into the HCP Program?

If you apply and are admitted to a Stanford University master’s degree program, whether or not part of HCP you may apply up to 18 units that you earned as a non-degree option (NDO) student.