Stanford AI Programs FAQs

These FAQs will be helpful to you in getting answers to common questions for both the AI Graduate Program and the AI Professional Program. To easily compare the programs we’ve put together this helpful video.


Do I need to apply before I can enroll in the program?

AI Professional Program: Yes, here is a link to the short application. The application allows you to share more about your interest in joining, as well as verify that you meet the prerequisite requirements needed to make the most of the experience.

AI Graduate Program: Yes, learn more about the graduate application process.

What can I expect from the course assignments?

AI Professional Program: Written homework and programming assignments are basically the same as the graduate assignments, but they have been adapted to include more guided support and scaffolding – including more in-line programming guidance as well as milestone code checks that enable a learner to incrementally verify if they are working in the right direction and troubleshoot their errors. All final exams, most projects, and some assignments have been removed in order to make the course more manageable for professional audiences.

AI Graduate Program: Homework assignments come directly from the lectures and are assigned by the professor for the course. The instructor and assignments may vary every quarter.

What can I expect from the lectures?

AI Professional Program: Lecture videos come from the original graduate course and have been edited for brevity – removing classroom logistics, extraneous questions, and some tangential material not associated with the core material. In addition, videos have been segmented by topic for easier reference, viewing, and review. They will be available to view online so you can watch them at your own pace.

AI Graduate Program: Lectures will be live streamed and available to view online. Each lecture takes place on campus and will be recorded for students taking courses remotely.

Is the program in person or online?

AI Professional Program: The AI courses in the professional program are fully online.

AI Graduate Program: The AI courses in the graduate program are recorded live and available to remote students. All students enrolled in courses from this program will be able to watch the lectures with a 20min delay, 24/7 until the end of the quarter.

Will I have the opportunity to meet with the course faculty?

AI Professional Program: This program utilizes pre-recorded lecture videos with Stanford faculty. Throughout the program you will get a chance to interact with Stanford-affiliated Course Facilitators who took the original graduate course and work in the industry. While not guaranteed, we always try to schedule a session with faculty, where you can openly ask your questions about the field.

AI Graduate Program: This program will have online/virtual office hours for remote students. The times and schedules for each course will be announced by the teaching team at the beginning of the quarter.

What do I need to do to get the course certificate?

AI Professional Program: AI Professional courses are pass/fail and in order to earn the digital Certificate of Achievement associated with each course, you must complete the assignments with a total cumulative score of 70% or higher.

AI Graduate Program: All students are automatically enrolled in courses for a letter grade in this program and must have a B or better.

What credential will I receive after completing the program?

AI Professional Program: After successfully completing the program, you will receive a digital Professional Certificate from the Stanford School of Engineering.

AI Graduate Program: After successfully completing the program, you will receive a graduate certificate from the Stanford School of Engineering. You will also receive academic credit for each course you completed and a transcript from Stanford University. Up to 18 credits can be transferred into a Stanford MS program if a student applies and is admitted into the degree.

How long do I have to complete each course in the program?

AI Professional Program: Each course lasts 10-weeks. Assignments will be released and due based on the course schedule.

AI Graduate Program: Depending on which quarter you are enrolled, you will have about 10 weeks to complete each course in the program. Please review the timelines provided for the quarter while you are enrolling.

How long do I have to complete the entire program?

AI Professional Program: There is no deadline to complete the AI Professional Program

AI Graduate Program: You will have 3 years to complete the artificial intelligence graduate certificate program.

Which courses do I need to complete for the program certificate?

AI Professional Program: You may earn a Stanford Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence by either:

  • Completing any three courses in the AI Professional Program.
  • Completing any two courses in the AI Professional Program and one course in the AI Graduate Program. Courses in the AI Graduate Program require a separate application.

AI Graduate Program: Complete four courses including 1-2 required course(s) and 2-3 electives within 3 academic years.

How long will I have access to the materials?

AI Professional Program: Course materials are available for 90 days after the course ends.

AI Graduate Program: Course materials are available for the entire duration of the quarter of which you are enrolled.

When was the content last updated?

AI Professional Program: All courses are up to date. After each graduate course ends, we lead a conversation with faculty to determine if any and what changes are needed for the professional course offering, and make them based on faculty preference.

AI Graduate Program: The content for the course may change based on the professor teaching the course, the quarter it’s being offered.

Do you offer any free courses, discounts, or financial aid?

At this time we do not provide financial aid or discounts to individuals. If you are interested in viewing the lecture videos, you can do so for free by clicking here

You may also view all of our free courses and content and watch graduate lectures on our YouTube Channel.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

AI Professional Program: Get in touch with our team by emailing

AI Graduate Program: Get in touch with our team by emailing